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What We Do


InTouch provides cutting edge, budget-friendly solutions to help streamline your business, increase traffic and revenue, while at the same time, strengthening customer relationships.  We help free you from the phones, so you only have to worry about supplying the best possible service for your customers.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

We Care About Your Business!

We want you to succeed!  If you succeed, we succeed.  We want you to shout your customer satisfaction from the rooftops!

Our Agents are Well-Trained and Ready!

Our experienced Agents are well-trained and well-versed!  They uphold and magnify professionalism, at every turn, in order to facilitate and strengthen customer relationships.

We Use State-of-the-Art Technology

We use state-of-the-art, multi-channel telecommunications to create a customized, state-of-the-art customer experience.

We Can Work with Any Budget!

We can help work with your budget to create a customized marketing plan to obtain the desired results your company needs to stay ahead of the competition!


“InTouch is part of our phone handling process. They have been a great partner throughout the last 6 years. We rely on them in many BDC aspects.  Our relationship has always been strong, but it grew stronger during the pandemic where they where able to make immediate changes, in some cases,within the hour, to handle extra loads of reservations or marketing calls. They over deliver on what they promise for sure and they are part of our success.”  

Ramzy Handal

VP Fixed Operations

Jim Koons Automotive Company

"We are currently using InTouch for our (CSI) Customer Satisfaction Index. We were well below the district average and needed to find a solution to improve our customer service rating.  Since signing on with InTouch, they have helped us vastly improve our CSI in our district as well as our region!  We've never looked back!"

Tony Curtis

Service & Parts Director

Criswell Automotive

"Throughout these crazy times with staff shortages and new business practices we have always been able to count on InTouch Marketing! They have been excellent in their process and execution of all tasks we have asked of them.  Whether it is answering inbound appointments calls, outbound maintenance reminders or even CSI follow up, the team at InTouch consistently provides excellent customer interaction and a level of service that takes months of training to achieve.  They are a trusted partner in growing your business to the level it needs to be!"

Russell Pentz

Mercedes-Benz of Catonsville

  • Do you update customer contact information, including email addresses, when they call in for service?"
    Yes, we do! We have our Agents always updating customer information to keep your customer database the most accurate it can be.
  • Do you host any other services besides Inbound and Outbound Calling specialties?
    Yes, we do! Ask us about our Intouch 360 Program where we use an omni-channel approach designed to Retain Current Customers and Recapture Lost ones.
  • Do you accept service calls on behalf of the Dealership or Company?
    Yes, we do! We also have the ability to input incoming appointments into the Service DMS (access pending), Xtime, Time Highway, CRM in Real Time.
  • Do you do Outbound Call Services?
    Yes, we do! We can provide customized Outbound Call Campaigns centered around such services as CSI Follow-Up Calls, Marketing Calls, Recall Notifications, Special Order Parts, Confirming Appointments ...and much more!

Some of Our Elite Customers

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